• We are the most awarded company in the line of sweat pads

    "SWEATFREE™" is a perfumed disposable underarm sweat pad. H SWEATFREE™ is a unique product of INFINITY MARKETING, India who are specialised in Health,Beauty and Hygiene products.


    "SWEATFREE™" is a miracle & revolutionary UNISEX hygiene product for freedom from Sweat problems.
    1.SWEAT FREE : Unisex Disposable Perfumed underarm sweat pads,available in premium pack of 12 pads & standard pack of 10 pads.
    2.FRESH n FREE : Disposable perfumed daily panty liners.Available in 24+3=27 liners.
    3.SMOOTH n FREE : Unisex disposable premium razors

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Mr. Deepak
ceo & founder

We have reviewed a thousand people and then researched and developed this unisex product for its maximum efficiency. There are enough variants to suit you.

*The products can be purchased online through eBay,Snapdeal,Flipkart, Amazon and also available in leading stores and supermarkets including "Health & Glow"